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SERMEF (english)

Contenido SERMEF (english) - SERMEF (english)

Founded 1957
Number of Members: 1800
The post-graduate specialization in PRM is 4 years
There are 150 professors in PRM at different
In Spain there are no recognized sub-specialties in PRM but there areas of interest such as neurological, paediatric, respiratory, biomechanics and others


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was ratified as a medical specialty by the Government on May 16th, 1969. In fact, the Spanish Society of Re-Educational / Functional Recovery Physiotherapy was created in 1954. In 1957, it was renamed The Spanish Rehabilitation Society (SER). In 1993, in line with other international societies, the president of the time, Dr. Parreño, changed the name to The Spanish Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (SERMEF).


The structure of the Society consists of the Members' Assembly and is governed by a Board of Directors. Every 4 years, the Assembly elects a President. The elected President nominates a Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Magazine Director, Web master, a Scientific Committee Director and 5 Spokespersons. There is also an MIR Representative and a Representative for Retired Doctors.


The principal aims of our society are to promote PMR development, both in practice and in teaching, to publish a journal of our members' scientific research, and to cooperate with other scientific societies on research in our field.

In order to support the development of PMR, SERMEF gives information and advice, when required, to the different government bodies, autonomous bodies and, local or provincial organizations.

For this purpose, SERMEF is represented in a politics as the National Commission for the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Specialty, but also in professional environments as the Collegiate Medical Organization of Spain and the School of Doctors. In the field of teaching, SERMEF is represented in the Association of University Professors of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Internationally, SERMEF is an active member of the European Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.


Rehabilitación (Madr) is the official society journal. It is one of the most important PM&R journals edited in Spanish and covers several South American countries beyond Spain. At this moment it produces 4 numbers per year comprising editorials, reviews, original manuscripts, case reports and letters to the editor. Rehabilitación is published (on-line and paper) by Elsevier ( It is already indexed at IBECS, IME, and CINAHL. Pubmed and Thomson-ISI indexing consideration is in progress at this time.


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